DJ Scene live @ MGM Grand 54 Tuesdays

DJ Scene live @ MGM Grand 54 Tuesdays

This mix is so crazy… it goes all over the place and doesn’t stop for one second! Very creative.

Here’s what Victor says on his site:

“Nearly 6 months of collecting, organizing & experimenting with Audio, has lead to this! My newest full length Mashup Mix “LETS GAUX!” has pushed the limits of my creative threshold. This is the most personal thing I’ve ever created. If you know me, then you’ll totally understand the personality traits behind this project. If you DON’T know me, you’ll get to. “LETS GAUX!” leans heavy on Alternative Music. The contrast between miscellaneous Urban lyrics, over bands like The Black Keys, Smashing Pumpkins & Coldplay, is incredible. Of course I’ve added plenty of 80’s & 90’s classics to the pot. There are 218 recognizable tunes in 41 minutes. Not to mention hundreds of beats I’ve collected and manipulated. This is what music sounds like to me. It’s a constant clutter in my brain that never rests. I hope you enjoy “LETS GAUX!” Thank you for listening!”